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Hello all,

I am Valentina and I work at Arduino ;) !

I would like to start this thread about your Arduino usage in the classroom. I would like to learn more about how do you use Arduino with your students, especially, if any of you used Arduino in cross-curricolar activities!

Did any of you build chemistry or physics lessons with it, for instance? Or any other topics?

If so, what kind of activity did you build with it? Did you put the lessons online? What kind of educational approach did you used with your student?

We would love to hear more from the passionate community of teachers out there.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Valentina Chinnici
Product Marketing Manager (Education)


You could contact forum member Terry King - terryking228.

He already makes kits for schools
Rob Tillaart

Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
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Hello Rob,

Thanks for the suggestion. The main idea here is to hearing from different users the way they use Arduino in the classroom (doesn't matter if it is a short course or a proper school course). We are looking forward to hearing more from teachers and educators in general :)

Are you a teacher for example?
Valentina Chinnici
Product Marketing Manager (Education)


I had been teaching Microprocessor (8085, 8086, 80286, 80386, 6802) and Microcontroller (8051, ATmega) Based System Design to senior level undergraduate students for the last 20 years. I have no experience of teaching the digital electronics/analog electronics and programming to the school going students (age: 12 - 15). And yet, if you wish to share my experiences of conducting Theory and Lab classes, I would be glad to share so.

Just very recently (about 3 months), I have introduced Arduino UNO Kits for both the Theory and Lab Classes. The students have their own Arduino UNO Kits along with their Laptops.

We are planning to conduct nationwide Olympiad on 'ATmega Microcontroller Based Systems and C/C++ Programming' using Arduino Learning Kits for the school going students of age group: 12 - 15.

Thanks for hearing!


Dear GolamMostafa,

I would be glad to hear more from your experience.

May I ask you where are you based (if you're willing to share that obviously!).

I would also like to hear more about your initiatives with younger students :)

Valentina Chinnici
Product Marketing Manager (Education)

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