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I am currently building an neopixel mask using WS2812B led strips I am following this this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEPldnI0fgk. The guy who builds this uses a Particle.io Photon board and his code is built around that. By any chance can the code be rebuilt to work on an Arduino Nano? This is the github for the code https://github.com/anthony-ngu/NeoPixelMask.

I don't want any wifi capability I just want a push button to be able to change the modes.

Thanks Reece


In theory, yes. You will need to remove the WiFi code of course. However, the code is quite long. I am concerned it might not fit on Nano. You will have to try it and see if it fits.

If it does not fit, there will be ways to reduce the size of the code. It is very inefficiently written with many long sections of repeated code which could be shrunk down significantly.


I have tried to remove the code but it tries and uses the Particle Photon library and keeps throwing up errors when trying to compile it for the arduino nano.
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Then what is the point?

You seem  incapable of re-writing the code.

Did you expect someone to hand the re-written code on a silver platter?


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