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I am new to all things Arduino/embedded programming. I have been able to get my MKR1000 to connect to the WiFi and also to be able to install certificates (based on the Firmware Updater).

The point that I am stuck at for this is, I need to send MQTT commands to AWS IoT. I have the PubSub.h library to be able to do this, so the programming shouldn't be too bad once I get into it a bit more. I am stuck on a more basic item. AWS requires certs (created at Amazon) to be be attached to the communication stream for TLS 1.2 mutual Authentication. I am wondering how to get my certs/keys installed onto the Arduino board. I read how to get the Amazon cert onto the board, and I have been able to successfully accomplish that. What I am trying now is getting the device certificate loaded onto the board. Is there a way to load additional files that are not code onto the board? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.



Hi Everyone,

We've create a tutorial on Arduino Project Hub for the MKR WiFi 1010 board: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Arduino_Genuino/securely-connecting-an-arduino-mkr-wifi-1010-to-aws-iot-core-a9f365

The same instructions should work for the MKR1000, but just change #include <WiFiNINA.h> to #include <WiFi101.h> where applicable in the sketches.

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