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I'm running a bootloaded chip on a pretty empty board (just a programming header, reset resistor, power, ground. 16Mhz crystal and a couple of 0.1uF decoupling caps.
Running this code
Code: [Select]

void setup()
void loop ()
{ digitalWrite(8,1);

I timed the blinks and it takes 15.6s for the LED to turn on again after it's turned off. I don't have any experience with this sort of thing, anyone want to comment?


Do you program from arduino IDE or AVR Studio? Do you program using FTDI or ISP? (Have you set the correct fuses?)

I do not know what I am talking about but:
I think 15.6 is close enough to 16 to question if there is something with your crystal, or a prescaler or something.


I think you are totally right. Thank you!
I use arduin12 and the ladyada usbtiny, the other week I did play with the fuse settings on one of my chips and I must have forgotten :P
Popped the chip out, put another one in, code works fine.
Thanks again


I think 15.6 is close enough to 16 to question if there is something with your crystal, or a prescaler or something.

Excellent observation!  One of the fuses settings results in a 1MHz internal oscillator, doesn't it?


That was a bit fun actually! :) I have no idea about fuses, just viewed some screenshots from the play area.


Hey Alpha you got lucky, but don't tell us, let us think you were brilliant.  ;)


Well, the spotting of the 16 was not luck, but the fuses part was :)

That reminded me of this: http://humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

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An enormous off topic postage, but if you take about 10 minutes with that test, and then google the 'initials' you might be surprised.

They pretty much nailed me.

Very interesting that they can predict so much after just a few questions.


I took that test and it said I had a similar personality type to Hillary Clinton . Not sure I wanted to know that   ;)


Did you searc for the 'initials' ? If you read a humor evaluation that was not the one I'm thinking of.

You got something like INFJ or ESJF or something, and the article should look like this:

All my fellow students took the test in a class called something in the likes of: 'Collaboration and Problem Solving'

And I think none got any references to Hillary. Hehe.

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