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Any idea here?  Downloaded the Mac package on two laptops, one intel (not mine, just to test it) and on the OSX 10.4.11 550MHz PPC G4 laptop I need to use.  Correctly loaded each respective driver package successfully and restarted.  

Double click on the Macbook (intel) and it runs, double click on the G4 and it does not launch.

I saw there was incompatibility with older versions.  I ran software update to make sure sys. was up to date.  Any help would be much appreciated.




try downloading again; sometimes the download gets truncated and results in weirdness.

I am running that combination (10.4.something on a G4 powerbook) and it works fine for me.



I've run both 11 and 12 on a G3 laptop with 10.3.9, so whatever problems you're having shouldn't be merely a matter of age...


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