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I am running Ubuntu on a Lab computer that has two accounts, one for me as administrator and one for the students to use.

On my account I can run Arduino 12 & 13 no problem and communicate with my board.

With the student account I downloaded and ran Arduino but the tools->Serial Port is grayed out.  If I log out and log back in as myself then again there is no problem.

Any suggestions on how to get Arduino to work for all user accounts?



Not completely sure but:
Have a look at:

I think its
SUBSYSTEM="tty"  GROUP="dialout"
So try adding the group "dialout" to your other users permissions.
It may not be in the list of groups and will need to be added.
If Ive picked the wrong Subsystem see if you can find what matches the device and add that group to your user.

Just realised theres probably a quicker way.
Look at the users permisions.
I think you will find "Use Modems" is unchecked but in your account its checked.
Thats the cryptic permission for the serial ports.



Thank you so much Gordon!

You were right, the "Use Modems" was checked in my account but not the students.  I probably unchecked in when I was restricting the student account not realizing its true function.

Everything worked perfectly after that.


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