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I just received my arduino and I'm trying to get myself up and running with it. I have the latest arduino-ide (0015). When i double click on the arduino.exe it loads up but the window is blank.

Any ideas?



What machine and OS are you using?


XP Pro SP3
3.2Ghz P4, 1gb Ram.


I am having the same problem i.e. blank window.
My OS is Windows XP Home edition SP3 Ver 5.1
Additional info is I have Java (Version 6 Update 13) installed.
Sure would be nice to get it working.

 ... jon


Good News:
Edit the run.bat file and follow the directions down at the bottom of the file:
echo *** Error: cannot execute Arduino
echo *** Reason: lacking the directory where to find Java in your computer
echo ***
echo *** Fix: Edit run.bat and add the JAVA_HOME directory
echo ***      at the 'set JAVA_HOME=""' line
echo ***
echo *** then call the batch file run.bat in order to execute Arduino

Work fine now.   ... jon

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