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Hi Corone,

Thanks for that update on Arduino on Linpus. Ive just tested it on a spare AA1 and yes, I also have it working. I have forwarded details on to the rest of our group.

I think however personally Im going to stick with ubuntu UNR on my AA1 and those Im going to be teaching with now. It seems every App I want to install on Linpus needs yet another kernel module compiling, and everything seems a struggle. Perhaps Im biased in that my day job centers around ubuntu & debian and its what Immost familar with, but Linpus jusyt feels clunky in comparison.  

Ubuntu UNR on the other hand is just so easy, I just run up synaptic and install deps are taken care of. I do agree it is slower bootingthough - possibly half as long again - but thats about the only drawback.

My current install is a shade over 2 gigs with lots of extra radio and electronic apps + Gimp and popular codecs etc etc.

It seems the UNR team have done a good job of stripping the bloat without reducing the functionality. If only Acer had gone with ubuntu instead of linpus in the first place!


No worries g7nbp, thanks also to you for being the first person to get it started. I don't normally post stuff but it was because others like you took the time to write up their work that I could sort it out, so i figured I'd better return the favour.

I understand about your decision to stick with UNR. I also choose whichever suits my needs - for example my dedicated server is OpenBSD, my home server is Ubuntu 64, my main machine is OS X, and my MSI Wind is Debian. UNR didn't seem very far along when I last looked, I might take another look. For now the AA1 w/ Linpus just fits a particular need for me so I'm happy I could add Arduino. They are so cheap I think it was well worth it!

I would think Linpus would be ideal for an Arduino class - not many distractions and a simple interface. Although if you also intend to teach security then it could be hard work, but perhaps Backtrack would boot off an SD card in the AA1?


Would Corone have the information on how to download and compile the FTDI_SIO files. I tried with no success.
Kever ;D

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