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I have 24V motor, batteries and controller. Here is how the controller looks (3 phase 5 hall wires):

Is it possible to control the controller using arduino? There are so many wires and i'm not sure how do I connect them to arduino and what should I send, either digital or analogue pins. Is there any documents explaining it? usually this type of controllers comes together with motor and other devices and you just connect them and use it. In my case I want to control speed, direction and brakes.



Ya, you can. connect all the main wires to the 24 volts BLDC motor if you have. get details of throttle, i mean how much is the resistance. connect the power cable to the DC. measure the voltage across red-green,red-black,green-black at thorttle wires and also voltage across reversing, braking,lower speed. if these voltages are within permissible limits of controller then you can use this controller for arduino control .


Typically the three-wire throttle control assumes a 10k or 5k potentiometer will be used and some check
that there is current flowing through the pot (if none flows or too much flows the controller cuts out assuming the throttle cable is damaged)

You can use a fixed resistor to fake the potentiometer track, and inject a control voltage onto the wiper wire.
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