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 I think both your comments would be correct;
All this calibrate stuff is unnatural, you have to admit.
If the pots are returning inconsistent values then all bets are off.
@BulldogLowell, regarding the hard coding of boundaries, this maybe above my skills. Do you know of any examples or links for me to read up on?

 @UKHeliBob, I not sure your idea would work to well as a midi controller. As stated the pots are giving countless different readings, so as stated I think all bets are off.

 It's a shame that 90 post's return me back to square one, but all is not lost, I may not have achieved the goal I wished, but I've learnt alot about arrays. It started with 1 array, then I made things much more complicated without knowing it was going to be many arrays.

 I'm very grateful for everyones input and persistance in helping. I've learnt a lot. So I sit in awe of you gent's, for your knowledge and patience.

 Respect, where respect is due.

 Thank you.

I'm not a student or a lecturer. I'm a hobbyist.

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