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I have just upgraded the Arduino IDE to 1.8.2. Since the upgrade I get the message "Invalid version found: 1.04" every time I enter the library manager.

Can anybody help please?


This is caused by the UIPEthernet library. To fix it do this:
  • File > Examples > UIPEthernet > AdvancedChatServer
  • Sketch > Show sketch folder
  • Move up 3 folder levels to the libraries folder. Delete the folder named arduino_uip or arduino_uip-master. Please be very careful when deleting things on your computer. When in doubt, back up!

The above process has removed the library that is causing the warning but you may still want to use that library. Luckily the library author has created a new branch of the library specifically to support new versions of the Arduino IDE. If you want you can install it by following these instructions:

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