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Hi everybody

I've little problem with serproxy, I think.

I've preparated an arduino program that reads and send via serial 19200, two potencimters status.

Once the program uploaded to arduino, I connect to it using putty serial connection to com1 19200 and I see correct data. One line per each potencimeter.

Then I dsconnect putty and launchs serproxy with correct speed and port configuration. No problemo.

Finaly I launch telnet to localhost to 5331 (configurated in serproxy.cfg) and I can see in serproxy window:
Server thread launched
server(1) - thread started

but i can't see nothing in telnet window. I must see the same info seed when I was connect via serial.

The most strange is that two days ago I had no problems. Connecting via telnet using serproxy was correct and I have seen correct data in telnet window.

┬┐Any idea?

The final idea was to receive data using flash and create a kind of telesketch. All is done and is working (.pde & .fla), tested 2 days ago.

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