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Hello, for my final project I had to make RC car. I have finnised it about a month ago and everything worked fine. I am using Arduino nano, HC05 Bluetooth module, L298N dual H-bridge motor drivers and 12V DC motors. I made my own app in MIT app inventor 2. Now when I  try to connect to HC05 with my app it fails. However I can connect with app from Play store (Bluetooth RC controller). When I use serial monitor (baud 9600) it displays -1 over and over again (if nothing on app is pressed) but it should be sending 83. If I press any of the buttons, the correct value appears but is flooded with -1. HC05 is set as master.

I have tried reseting HC05 to factory settings, and reseting Arduino but it didn't help.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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