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Hello all, I'm new to this forum and new to the world of arduino (noob alert!  ;)) I will try to explain my (challenge) problem as good as I can.

I want to build a 10 x 10 led matrix made of WS2812B led's, and controll them with led matrix controller software by Tyler Jones.

First I made an 8 x 8 version just to experiment, but I never got the led's to light up in sync with the program.

Then I thought that my wiring of the led's was done the wrong way (see picture)

So I build a 10 x 10 matrix with the led's zigzaging downwards, but then the horizontal led's works fine but the vertical lines are not displayed correctly.. Every second line is shifted in relation to the the first

I have checked the matrix with the strandtest program , all work.
I have an 470ohm resistor in the data line, and a capacitor parallel across the power supply.

I hope that someone has an idea of what might be the problem.
English isn't my main language, so sorry if my sentence construction doesn't make much sense  ;)


I built a 7 x 40 using FastLed library. And I zigzag'd the 280 LEDs.

Code: [Select]

1      2     3   ...   40
41    42    43   ...   80
241  242  242    ...  280


controll them with led matrix controller software by Tyler Jones.
Please post a link to this software because it is this that is not compatible with how you have wired things up.
What is better for you to change the software or the wiring?



Thanks all for the fast replies , and putting in the pictures in the thread.

The program and the sketch can be found in the description of this YouTube video, in the video you can see the software work. (the video is from greatscott who inspired me to build this).


After watching the building video again and seeing the post of ieee488 and the post of Grumpy_Mike I'm sure that the error Is in my wiring.
So I have some desoldering to do ;-)

I will post any result in here, again thanks for the help


Hi All,

It works like a charm now, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
In retrospect it was very logical but I didn't saw it at the moment.  :)

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