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I am really green in the horns with this so bear with me.

So a friend lent me a Diecimila to play around with, I downloaded the software and drivers for windows and I selected the two pins for USB power, plugged it in and windows failed to recognize the board as a USB serial converter.  

I downloaded USB View and it says that failed enumeration.  Is my board a dud?  What is going on here?


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What happens when you plug the board in? The first time it should have came up with the USB Serial Converter like you suggested, but my other computer didn't need to install anything to get it to work. I'm guessing you tried in the IDE?

Sorry if some of these are obvious, but some of the reasons my board won't show:

I have 4 USB ports, my board only shows up correctly on 2.

I have the wrong COM selected in the Arduino IDE (along with the correct board! both under Tools in the Arduino program)

The first installation on my computer, it installed the wrong drivers (my computers mentally retarded sometimes) I had to un-plug the board, uninstall, and re-plug it in, and when it asks for the Driver folder, do the advanced part, where you enter where to find it. And direct it to the windows default driver folder:

Shouldn't need any Third-Party programs to get it up and running, definitely. Sorry if it wasn't much, but that's as far as I've ever needed to go to get a board to work on my computer. (I have 2 arduinos, I use 3 different computers)

Best of luck, if this doesn't help hopefully somebody can offer their uber-experience!:D

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