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you have fanfold paper cascading, in a magnificent arc, out the top of the lineprinter.
Presumably so students have free paper to write their lecture notes on ?  :)

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


I would personally suggest Python. Start off with python 3 not 2, there are quite a few small differences and as python 3 is the current version under development, start with that. But like J-M-L said, learn the syntax structure and the logical flow of programming. DONT learn basic as your first language, it is outdated and lot of elements found in new programming languages are missing. Some may argue that starting with a dynamically typed language like python (basically you make up stuff as you go along,it's not as strict as a statically typed language like c,c++,java) might make you lazy but I find it a lot of fun. Python also sports a lot of libraries which simplify and make stuff easier and more fun (a particular favourite of mine is tkinter, It makes building GUI interfaces very easy, like 10 lines easy). Despite it being an interpreted language (which does have it's benefits) it's adequately fast. Besides why not try learning Python and c or c++ together. The choice is yours.

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