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Hi all,

I'm new to the world of Arduino and need some help trying to wire-up and run a 20x4 lcd.

I have the a Arduino Duemilanove board with the Atmega 328 chip which i have wired up to a JHD-204A LCD.

I have tried using the default lcddisplay 2x16 sketch and library which works fine displaying 2 lines of code. So i know the lcd physically works

I then tried using the LCD4Bit library and example sketch, but all i get are 2 lines of black squares on the 1st & 3rd line, and the compiler didn't show any problem before upload.

I've searched on the forum and on google and i'm struggling to make it work.

I would be very grateful is someone could send a working LCD4bit (Library & Sketch) that will work with this LCD.

Thanks in advance for the help,



This looks like a subset of the questions you asked in the Hardware Troubleshooting Forum.  Take a look over there for my recommendations.



Hi Don,

Yeah it is, though it had better repost in the software, as LCD4bit program issues aren't really hardware related, but the back-light issues was, i just didn't know if it was code related or hardware related.

I guess in this post i'm looking for people with the same lcd and working copies of code.


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