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I bought my Esplora from a dying Radio Shack here in the US about 2 years ago. I let it sit with all my other stuff I bought and never touched, mostly out of fear of breaking it or failing to make what I wanted.

My great aunt went into hospice a few months back, and I started fiddling with the Esplora to get my mind off the situation. I had an idea 15 years ago for a device that I'm now in the middle of prototyping using the already-attached inputs and outputs of the Esplora to stand in for the sensors and actuators I need.

I see that I can verify with the board currently on this web app, which is great, but I can't upload to it yet. I don't mind having to use a PC to upload to the Esplora, but I look forward to Esplora support in the web app. I know it's an older board compared to what is available now, but I got a screen for it and having it all in a small package has made testing much easier for me.

I wanted to post that here so that if someone is prioritizing what to add next for upload support I could get my request in. Thanks again for allowing me to test this!!! :)


Hi @soulmanpt,

We've adding support for the Esplora in the latest release. If you reboot your Chromebook, it should update, you can verify the update is present if you go to chrome://extensions and se a v0.0.0.14 release for the Arduino Create Chrome app.

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