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I am just starting a project with the ArduinoBT V06 but I am having some problems with getting it all going smoothly. I have paired the device on OS X 10.5.8, but when I select serial monitor, and then try to set the baud rate, it always crashes: the list of baud rates stays stuck on the screen, and I cannot quit the Arduino app. Rebooting the mac will remove the app, but force quit doesn't work. And I can't find the PID in the terminal command to kill -9.

In Bluetooth preferences, when I select Edit serial ports the connection to the ArduinoBT becomes momentarily green, and then disconnects again. How can I keep a connection open and send commands to the bluegiga chip?




I found that if I try to connect, I first have to set the baud rate before selecting the BT serial port, then after 3 or 4 attempts, it can stay connected. But it seems buggy as hell.

When it stops working, force quit leaves the app icon visible in app switcher, and the laptop cannot restart - I have to force the power off, and then start up again. There is something seriously wrong with the 0017 version of Arduino software.

Is there a fix on the way?


It turned out that the board was faulty, or rather, the connection to the battery supply, in such a way that the BT chip was not sufficiently powered up to work properly. A bit of soldering fix it.

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