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I have a Siemens IoT 2020 and after a lot of troubles with the COM connection, now I am trying to upload an Arduino Scketch. The problem is the upload is very slow. From Arduino IDE, the upload is about 2 minutes to upload the Blink sketch.The Sketch works right afterwards, but It's too much time.

Somebody knows how I can to better the speed upload. (?)

I am working on Windows 7 with the Arduino IDE 1.8.2.
I am using Latest SD card image version (109741799_Example_Image_V2.1.3)
The message from the Arduino upload window is on file attachment:



They use an Arduino IDE to program it, but otherwise, it has not much to do with Arduino.


It has an intel galileo inside it, and the resulting sketches look quite large (80k), so I think slower uploads than avr are to be expected.   But I don't know if your uploads are slower than they should be overall.
It doesn't show the com port speed, but it claims to have achieved over 2000B/s, which is so so for a 38400bps or faster link...

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