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Hi Bob,

cant agree more with you at this point. What I find really great when you deal with Physical Computing, that it makes possible to create something from nothing. Lets say, the concept of transformation of the firmware etc.. into hardware which is like you blow life into a bunch of electronic components. Which actually are doing nothing unless there is the code to bring it to life. I find it mesmerizing. It consumed me so strongly that I decided to leave the science, and went into this wonderful world. So jealous that you guys can make such insane ideas come true. Maybe I could use my scientific knowledge to combine with the hardware programming, etc.. firmware development.

programm is not Ready...


learn by playing, is the best way
from post #27 is excellent, I'm going to double down on that statement. Also on the try... fail... think about what caused the failure... and try again.

good stuff!
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I do not ask to decode the data!
I am just interesting how to read the all data from one CPU and to send/write to another.  Maybe exist some "reader" (hardware) for just enough to connect to special pin.
O does not find any useful info about that.
I order several boards from ebay, with this CPU, but inside program is a little different. They all in working condition, but my goal - all the same program.


Do they have EEPROMS? In which case, you just need to find an EEPROM programmer which supports that device.

If the CPU is the ROM version, then there is nothing you can do with that.
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