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So I bought my self a strip of high density Neopixels 144/m. When I run my code nothing happens I have my outputs wired correctly and everything should work but dosnt. The strip lights up very bright so I no there's no power problem. I am just running adfruit basic test from the examples library.


Code and schematic please. YOUR code and YOUR schematic, not someone else's that you have almost but not quite followed. Pictures if the circuit might also be useful. Please read the "Read this" post at the top of the forum section before you post again, it will explain all the things you did wrong on your first post.


A possibility might be that the strip is drawing so much power that it resets the arduino. I have had this happen with very bright RGB leds.

Try telling your code that the strip is only (say) 20 LEDs long. Do the first 20 LEDs display the test patterns?

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