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Hi everyone!
I have project with arduino sim900 shield and arduino UNO R3!
I use GSMSHIELD code library at https://github.com/jefflab/GSMSHIELD.
It had worked very well but have 1 problems with sms receive (more 140 character).
Example if i send sms with 150 character to my arduino sim900, it just parse 138 character (Not full sms)
I search this problems on Google but i don't find any right answer :(
Please help me, thank you so much :)


I am not familiar with the library you are using, but a possible reason might be a too small input buffer. 138 characters + CR + Zero at the end of the string = 140;

Look for the buffer size definition in the library with size 140.

have success


Thank for your help!
I know, I try edit Getsms function but I can't find any size variable with value 140 :(


[*SMS messages are LIMITED to 140 chars per single message.*]
For longer messages, you may try PDU mode or multi-part messages if your modem supports them.
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