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Another question relating to Arduino's Digital Pin 11, which is used to drive the MCLK on the HP03: I want to use the liquidcrystal library, which uses pin 11 for LCD Enable.

The frequencytimer2 page in the Playground says that (if it's running on an atmega168) this library uses pin 11 and pin 3. I've looked at the frequencytimer2.cpp code to see if there is any mention of pin allocations but if it's there, it's not in clear text. Simply changing the pin in HP03.cpp from 11 to 3 doesn't seem to work.

I'm wondering if this is a case of diminished returns--should I just rig up a 32kHz 555 timer and be done with it?


The LiquidCrystal library uses ANY 6 pins. No need to work around any special pins. Just plug the LCD into 6 pins, and tell the library WHICH 6 pins you used.

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