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Hello Arduino community,

I have got a Minebea Stepper motor 3.5A , 2.5V, a 12V 5A switching power supply, a TB6600 driver rated at 9-42Volts and 5A and an Arduino Uno.

So since I am new to this I have checked others' circuit diagrams but have a couple of questions before attempting to hooking things up since i really don't want to fry anything.

So I have got the power supply it has a live neutral and ground, so i bought a power cable that has 3 slots but I cut it and I find that the ground wire is empty.

So my question,
Is it okay to connect the AC neutral and live to the power supply and ignore the ground? and if so, then what's the proper way to ground the TB6600 driver and the Arduino?.
And is it preferable that I look for a power cable that has a ground wiring?

Thank you so much <3.


Get a cable with ground. If the power supply has a connection for earth ground it is assumed to be unsafe to operate it without a ground connection.


Not just unsafe, usually illegal due to the risk to others.
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Got a 3 wire cable, Thank you guys <3.

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