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first of all i am a beginner in arduino due. my current application is in the automotive domain. in my project we are using the ignition voltage that get from the vehicle and we are also using a li-po battery for backup with sleep mode.and need to make max power management while the device in the Li-Po battery mode.so we need to know the voltage variation in the sleep mode. please give me a better solution..  :smiley-confuse:


What is the link between the ignition voltage of your vehicle (I guess very high), the Arduino board and your Li-Po battery ??  :o


thanks for the replay,

we are using the vehicle battery (12v) ignition out  as main power source for our device.and use a 8v LI-PO battery while the vehicle in off state.for getting long time backup from LI-PO we need to create a energy management.

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