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I have followed the instructions in this project but I don't get it to work over Bluetooth connection. When I compile the my app it doesn't give any errors.

I am using Arduino Uno board and Sparkfun Bluetooth Silver device and I have tested them with Windows Remote Arduino Experience App and they work fine with that app.

I can post my Visual C# code if anyone is  interested to help me?


The project I'm following can be found at this site https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot/docs/wra
But in my case I'm using USB cable connection, not Bluetooth.

I have followed the intstructions, but still I can't get it to work. Following error message appears when I try to deploy the solution ,

Error  DEP6200: Bootstrapping failed. Device cannot be found. SmartDeviceException - Deployment failed because no device was detected. Make sure a device is connected and powered on.  [0x80131500] ControlApp   

Here is also my Package.appxmanifest file. Here I'm trying with the USB cable connection. Is this file ok?
Code: [Select]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

  IgnorableNamespaces="uap mp">

    Version="" />

  <mp:PhoneIdentity PhoneProductId="2f2ff961-d402-44e3-917a-f78fa72b3347" PhonePublisherId="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"/>

    <TargetDeviceFamily Name="Windows.Universal" MinVersion="" MaxVersionTested="" />

    <Resource Language="x-generate"/>

    <Application Id="App"
        <uap:DefaultTile Wide310x150Logo="Assets\Wide310x150Logo.png"/>
        <uap:SplashScreen Image="Assets\SplashScreen.png" />

    <Capability Name="internetClient" />
    <DeviceCapability Name="serialcommunication">
      <Device Id="any">
        <Function Type="name:serialPort" />

But with the Remote Arduino Experience App it work fine with both Bluetooth and USB cable.

I have newest Arduino version 1.8.3 installed when I uploaded to StandardFirmata sketch to the Arduino UNO. I have also tried to update StandardFirmata library to newest version.
 For the moment I am using Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.2 (26430.14) when
 trying to deploy the solution to Arduino device.

Arduino Uno devices board info is
BN: Arduino/Genuino Uno
VID: 2A03
PID: 0043

As you can see in the code below I have correctly? implemented the VID and PID values.

Code: [Select]
public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
    UsbSerial connection;
     RemoteDevice arduino;

      public MainPage()
            connection = new UsbSerial("VID_2A03", "PID_0043");
            arduino = new RemoteDevice(connection);
            connection.begin(57600, SerialConfig.SERIAL_8N1);
            connection.ConnectionEstablished += OnConnectionEstablished;

I have also put two pictures as attachments from project's Reference Manager.

Can someone help me how to find an solution for this problems?

I can't understand what I'm missing because as mentioned before I have followed all the instruction according to the project. It has to be something when I trying to deploy my solution to Arduino Uno with Visual Studio 2017.


Well i have just started using visual studio, and i am not sure if this will fix your problem, but maybe ?

Th attachment shows the top of visual studio, from the error you get i think you have the serial port wrong, mine shows com5, that is my only choice as i use just one kind of board, you may have more choices.

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