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Starting at 12:00 NOON this coming Saturday, 1 July 2017, there will be
an ARDUINO presentation by EPO customer and generally cool guy, Julio

So this latest trend with fidget spinners, a balanced device with a free
spinning ball bearing in the center, has taken us over by storm. 
Everyone is trying to make them from scratch at home.....but does anyone
know how fast they actually spin?

This workshop demonstrates and teaches how to make a tachometer out of
an Arduino and an optical pickup using less than $30 worth of parts
available here at EPO.   Bring in your spinner if you have one and you
can find out how fast it spins here in the store then learn how to setup
hardware and code to make your own tachometer.

This workshop is geared towards everyone, from the middle school student
to the post-grad hobbyist. There is no charge to attend.  RSVP is not
required, but really appreciated, please let us know if you think you
can come. We hope to see you here!


Sponsored by Electronics Parts Outlet.
Chris Macha
Zamacha LLC dba EPO
Electronic Parts Outlet
3753 Fondren,
Houston, TX 77063

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