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hello to all  :)  i am trying to control ableton with arduino but.......
i changed the usb port with an emulator in a midi port  and now arduino send a midi message....ableton read the message but doesn't work because i think that the kind of message is wrong....someone know something about it?

really thank you


Unless you tell us what you have done then it is impossible to tell you what you have done wrong, so post your code using code tags you get from using the </> icon.

Once wh have sorted that out maybe we can help mend your broken shift key.


You have to send MIDI note on/off messages for buttons, and MIDI control change messages for potentiometers and rotary encoders.
Take a look at the MIDI specs.
The potentiometer value should be mapped between 0 (0%) and 127 (100%) (7 bits). For note on/off, just use a velocity of 127.
You can pick any note number between 0 and 127 for the note on/off, and any controller number between 0 and 119 for control change.

Once you have that working, map these note/controller numbers in your DAW.

What kind of emulator are you using? How do you know that Ableton received the message?
Like Grumpy_Mike said, please post your code. Use code tags (type [code][/code] around your code or select the code and click the </> button).

You may be interested in my USB MIDI controller library. It creates the appropriate MIDI messages for you, you just have to connect the potentiometers and buttons, tell the library what settings you want to use, and what pins to use, and it should work.



Is Arduino sending MIDI messages to Ableton only by coding, or are you trying to send these messages with a keyboard through Arduino?
I succeeded making a MIDI-USB interface to use an old keyboard as MIDI controller, using a 4N35 optocoupler and Arduino Uno.

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