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I'm trying to get my Due to wake up from the SAM3X on-board backup mode using it's integrated RTT or RTC.
To wake up from backup mode, the board needs an interrupt from the RTC or RTT. However, I can't seem to find an installable Atmel RTC or RTT library that I can use their example code with. I have tried to use MarkusLange's RTCDue library to do this, but it doesn't seem to throw an interrupt and did not wake from backup mode when I tested it.
For reference, here is the code I used:
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void setup() {
  rtc.setTime(23, 59, 56);
  rtc.setDate(22, 11, 2016);
  rtc.setAlarmDate(23, 11);

void loop() {


void sayHi() {
Serial.println("Hello, I'm alive!");

When I removed pmc_enable_backupmode() the code ran as it should, saying "Hello, I'm alive!" after 4 seconds.

I'm on macOS so I can't really use ASF and get their example code, as well. Any help, code or links would be greatly appreciated!


There are several ways to enter and exit from backup mode. See this thread reply #1:



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