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Hi, I am slowly scavenging HP notebook with dead CPU. Yesterday I got to the cooling fan. There are 3 wires in this order: red, black, yellow. On a PCB inside the motor it is labeled as expected: + at red wire, - at black one and S at yellow wire. But whole internet says all 3 pin fans should have pins in order GND, 5V, signal. Have anyone encountered such violation of computer fan pinout conventions? Maybe HP switches power pins to force customers to buy proprietary fans?
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That is, if they use the default fan plug. This laptop fan probably doesn't ;) (Because those plugs are HUGE for a laptop).
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OK, thank you. I will connect it and look if it will rotate or burn ;-)

EDIT: as expected, red is + and black is GND, switched from "standart pinout". Thanks for confirmation.
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