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I was having a very similiar problem with the Mega board I got for Christmas. I have been able to clear it up so far by killing the Palm Hotsync app in the tray at the bottom right of my screen. Perhaps you have a PDA or something similar?


found a temporary soln i think for this. try closing the IDE and press cntrl-alt-del and bring up task manager and stop avrdude.exe(which would be still running I think) stop the process and remove the usb of arduino from the drive and plug back. that should make it work. I tried it a couple of times and it works for me. I am using XP and arduino 0018. I still think its the problem with IDE not letting go of the port if some crashes in uploading occur.


Check your port activity with


If you have bluetooth you can try replacing the RXTX Serial Communication Library used by Arduino IDE with my patched one:

Good luck

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