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I've had someone introduce to me ways that they would do it, It just didn't work for me. It's probably not the most ideal for 1602, but it doesn't seem like that  impossible of a task, especially since you can wrap lines and even insert customizable characters.
I would be on my way if I just knew how to reference the cursor position at any given point in time. It has cgram, right? Bytes for each char? The display addresses? It has the lcd.clear function,right? Do for loops exist?

You can't possibly tell me there's no way this task can be accomplished. I just don't know the terminology or the specific way I can access that information for specifically my 1602.


I have read your description of what you want to do 5-6 times and I still don't understand what you are wanting to do.
If I look at and take what you said literally: you stated you wanted to clear the screen after filling it (displaying 32 characters on this display) and that is it. Which would imply that you never expect to show anything else on the display.
I doubt that is what you wanting.

And I really have no clue what you talking about in post #3.
The library includes lots of documentation including descriptions of all the API functions and links to hd44780 datasheets.

Can you fully describe what you are wanting to do?

--- bill


Yeah, you're right. I just wanted for it to be able to print messages that are 32 characters max in length (if they aren't then the lcd will clear the screen). If it's possible, maybe I'd even want it to just ignore the last 4 characters (if a message is 36 characters long, for example,) and just print the first 32 characters. Otherwise, everything would just work the same way.
Sorry if i'm not being clear, I'm doing my best here and I appreciate your patience. I'm just trying to keep it short so my program is more likely to work with other peoples code's.
I also thought other people using the hd44780 library might've had the same problem. (Naturally when you interact with a screen by texting, it doesn't just keep the same text and just start writing over it if you're writing too much).
Thanks again


wait, isn't this the same topic as your other thread?
Did what GroundFungus propose not work for you?
Why start another thread?

--- bill




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Yeah, he said if his last program didn't work he didn't know what else he could do. I figured more people would see this next question I had if I started a new subject. Especially since the subject title will have a different  question though they both mention line wrapping. Yes, I later ask the question in the old forum, but to say that's the same question is assuming someone will read through the entire Q&A page, and then answer a different question than what they clicked on (to get to the forum in the first place).

I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time, but I'm just here for the question. If you don't even try to answer it, then you're kind of wasting my time, aren't you?

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