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Have you tried to uninstall (manually remove) and reinstall the FTDI drivers, Stompyj?


Yeah, multiple times on multiple machines.  I'm just about to install the drivers on my mac mini (non-intel) and see how those drivers work.




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Did everyone that is having problems buy their boards off eBay instead of one of these guys http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Buy ?

I have two Duemilanoves that work perfectly with:
  • MacBook Core Duo (32bit Intel) Leopard
  • Mac Mini Core2 Duo (64bit Intel) Leopard
  • iMac G3 DV (32bit PowerPC) Tiger

If you did buy them on eBay, what is the seller's name?


Same here. electricwatch was the seller of my board too.


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well... that can't be a coincidence.

First thing we need to do is to alert the seller that he is selling boards that don't work on OSX with the regular FTDI driver... I'm almost certain he got his hands on a bad batch of FT232RL chips. If he can't rectify the problem then FTDI would probably like to know about this.

If the Arduinos shipped to you guys via China, there is a good chance the chips used to make your Arduinos are counterfeit. I recently got an oscilloscope from China with a Hoitek serial chipset ( http://www.hoitek.com/ ) . The USB Vendor ID in that chipset was stolen from Maxim ( http://www.maxim-ic.com/ ), but I'm not certain where the chip design is from. Hoitek seems to make knock-offs of some Atmel chips http://www.hoitek.com/PDF/8952.pdf .


Yep... thanks Gabebear! I'll drop him an message...
Today I bought a new Arduino from Sparkfun.. let's see if that one works  ;)


Sorry guys,

There is a assembly error on my Arduino boards.

To fix the Mac OSx upload problem, please remove the R2 100ohm resistor.

Many thanks to those guys informed me about this problem.

Sorry again.


[ch21780][ch35442] electricwatch!


Thanks for sorting it out electricwatch. Much appreciated.


I just got email from Apple saying that the bug I filed about system crashes has been fixed.  The bug ID is 7111429, if you want to go look it up on the developer web site.

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