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Topic: Arduino Nixie Clock Shield NCS312, NCS314 - fade-in/fade-out effect (Read 955 times) previous topic - next topic


Hello, I bought the Arduino Nixie Clock Shield NCS312 IN-12 and NCS314 IN-14  electronics they have almost the same. There, registers HV5122 and HV5812 are used to control nixie tubes. In the standard firmware that offers gra & afch on GitHab base only a clock and a slot machine. I would like to make more effects. Help to make a smooth transfusion ignition of numbers and smooth blanking when changing the figure. I also would like the effector of the running side.
Can you already have ready-made libraries that can be adapted for my shields?



I guess....
Inside the function "doIndication" you must sent (at the correct time) over SPI only zeros, like it is implemented in the PWM algorithm.

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