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hi guys . i have a adruino uno board. if i connect it to a 9v battery my board isn't on but when i connect with a usb cable to my laptop it works just fine can someone tell me what the problem might be ?


a flat battery, or you have something pulling a lot of power, or you have a broken Arduino (not adruino) - the hint is in the website name!  :o
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 uhmm my battery i have tested. i have tried my exernal power source on 2 adruinos boards but both of them work only with my usb cable. when i measure at my regulator it is 0 with my battery. but with my usb cable it works. ( in both cases ) and yes indeed it is adruino my bad. at first i thought it is my power jack. but when i measure it it has a voltage


a broken adruio the lamp doesn't go on right ?


I suggest you try some adapter like the one in this picture
Adapters like this almost in every house so you needn't buy one as most routers uses those adapters, Even music keyboards uses them.

NOTE: The adapter output MUSTN'T be higher than 12V DC !!


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