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Hello everybody !

I would like to present you the current project i'm working on:

It's an hardware MIDI looper, based on .... Arduino :)

The goal here is to record MIDI events over several bars and loop them in real time...

With that device, every musician using a MIDI device can record what they are playing and then, let the MIDI looper play the performance in loop, while tweaking the various parameters of the sound generator module playing the MIDI commands !

I'm writting a blog since the beginning of the project, describing every aspect of the conception of this project:


Hope you like it !



sounds like what I'm looking for Clement. How far did you get with the project?



I am looking for something similar to make it. Finally, How did you finish the project?

I would like to record midi sounds and then be able to play them.

Thank's anyway



Hi Grumpy_Mike and thanks.

At the moment, i make a matrix for 29 keys (multiplexing like the picture below). Now I would like record a sequence of sound from these keys in memory (not in midi software). I know that arduino has little memory to recorder (SRAM). For this reason i am looking for how to recorder in SD or extra memory chip (23k256) and later play this sequence infinitly(loop), while I can play keys.

Do you know how this could be done? More or less. Because now i am blocked at this point.

Thank you very much for anserw me


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For recording onto SD card see http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=223558.0

Recording onto external SRAM is possible. My book shows you how, but with a single chip you can only get about 10 seconds or so depending on your same rate.

also see http://code.google.com/p/waverp/

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