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I've been using a particular Arduino 2009 for over a year, for the past month with 0018 IDE on an Ubuntu system. It recently stopped doing an auto-reset when programming. Another Ardunio board still works correctly, and the "bad" board can be programmed if I reset it just before downloading. The reset seems to have to be done on the board, the reset button on an unpopulated generic shield (sparkfun's, if it matters) does not work.

When the programming fails I get
avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding
as an error message, and the RX led flashes, but no TX led. Of course when I time the reset button just right the TX flashes as well, no error appears and it programs correctly.

Any clues as to what might have happened or how to fix it?


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Hi EricS,
I would like to join you in having exactly the very same issue.
I also have two stock standard Arduino Duemilanove and use Ubuntu 10.04LTS on two DELL Latitude laptops.

One board programs reliably every time, just plug it in and program it.
The other is problematic in that I get the error message,
"avrdude:stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"
With no response noticeable on the Tx LED from the Arduino board.

Then by trying many times, I find that it is possible to program it when I hit the board's reset button at a very close time to when I hit the program button in the IDE. It doesn't work every time, but does show to me that the board is not dead, but maybe that there is a problem with the bootloader with this board.

I have this problem with both IDE version 0018 and now also with 0019.

I have heard of others having to time a board hardware reset to get their board programmed, and am left wondering if this is related.

Do people think it is a board problem or a timing issue with the way avadude communicates with the bootloader on the board?

I have just tried the problem board on my Mac Mini with IDE 0020 and found that I can reliably program this board every time without a hitch.
Retry on DELL laptop with Ubuntu 10.04LTS and IDE 0019 and right away, first time I get the error.

On both Ubuntu and Mac OSX my version of avrdude is 5.4-arduino.

This indicates to me that their is more likely to be a problem with avrdude, even though the two boards behave differently.
The problem board once use to be reliable, so it has degenerated at some point.
Paul - VK7KPA


To add another (VERY confusing) data point, if I stick the adafruit motor shield on the board it programs without problem!

It just makes no sense! How can the shield change this?

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