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greetings all,

i'm brand new to arduino, trying to bring the board up for the first time.  i downloaded Wiring and Processing, and installed them on my mac the usual way (double click on the .dmg file, and drag the app to the Applications directory).  each app comes up, but i am unsure if they're installed correctly.

from the Hardware forum, i was directed to alter the boards.txt file, because my arduino has an atmega328 on it, not a 128 - and a 128 is the only microcontroller listed in Wiring's Tools drop-down menu.  after checking, i do not have a boards.txt file, and that's the source of my confusion.

if not the "usual" installation method, how should this software be installed?  how have others installed Wiring and Processing on their macintosh computers?

all guidance will be handled in strict confidence.  :)  thank you in advance for any help you can offer!



Just out of curiosity, why didn't you download and install the Arduino IDE? Processing won't do much good on your Arduino. Wiring might be more useful if you had the right kind of board for it to talk to.


Just out of curiosity, why didn't you download and install the Arduino IDE?

that would be because i'm an idiot!  i did not know there was an IDE, but it makes sense there would be.  i'm brand new to the arduino platform.

i was directed somehow to do download and install Wiring and Processing.  i just downloaded and installed the IDE, and my "hello world" blinking LED program worked instantly after setting the Tools choices.

thank you PaulS for your pointer in the right direction.  i am up and running now!


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