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I would like to convert capacitive touch signals that I get over I2C (Goodix GT911) to usb (android). I searched a lot internet but I always see resistive implementation with mouse library.

- Is it possible to do it plug&play when android is in USB host mode?
- Can I also send serial signals to android from the same USB port simultaneously with touch signals?
- Does anybody see such application?




did you succeed with gt911. i just now have the same problem but i donĀ“t find any running library for arduino.

do you have one ?

thanks Arnold



Yes, I succeeded however long ago I gave up. I had to write a  usb driver to Arduino. You can check microsofts usb capacitive touch descriptor to understand.

I always wanted to share the progress but I forgot where was my files. If it is really necessary you can learn it but otherwise use teensy. It should be readily available.

What you have to do:
Write a usb hid driver, use the serial reporting method. Then you have to find the datasheet for goodix 911, the ones you find on the internet are useless because you cannot see the I2C adresses and commands which are necessary to configure the gt911 chipset. What you can do is you can translate the chinese version with google translate :).

I have done so many things but I never find time to publish it. However I can help as much as I can if you ask your questions here.

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