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Hi all,

I got a problem with the shield and a code. whcich were running 2 months ago.
Everything was working fine.

Now, The gsm shield seems to have a problem.
The shield is this one: http://www.arduino.org/products/shields/arduino-gsm-shield-2

When I run a code to test the network, it's working fine. The connection is there.
When I run a code to send sms, it's working fine. SMS sent.
When I run a code (copy paste from the one on the website), it doesn't work.

The code is upload to the arduino, no error. The Serial Monitor show that the shield is waiting for an sms.
But nothing happens.

Any intel or idea to solve this issue?

Best regards


I have the same issue with my brand new shield, if I use the example code ReciveSMS I get in serial console only the string "SMS Messages Receiver" repeated some times and then it gets stuck. Arduino's support is so bad, I bought a shield and there is so way to use it even with example code: very very disappointing, for more than 80€ you get only bullshit! In my case it doesn't work also modem test and send sms.
Where is support for this shield?



back again. It was running perfectly, ans then, again, not working anymore.
Network there but no reception / emission of sms.

All of this wihtout rebooting the RPi or whatever.

A huge shit.

First and last time for me with Arduino and RPi. Sometimes staff/time cost vs time to spend to solve unknown bullshit lead to the conclusions that regular expensive hardware are cheaper.


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