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I have Arduino Due and I have used it a couple of days but suddenly I see the following error:
"Flash page is locked An error occurred while uploading the sketch" when I upload a program.
I see some suggestion to press Erase and Reset knobs and release the after uploading starts.
I did this and I can get the Arduino work again. But the problem is I need to do this always when I want to run the program again. This is really frustrating and impossible in the real situation.
Anyone has any idea how can I resolve this issue?




Aug 03, 2017, 05:47 am Last Edit: Aug 03, 2017, 05:49 am by ard_newbie
There are two different issues :

- One is the error message "Flash page is locked" which should be solved via an erase and a reset BUT this doesn't work for some boards (see a recent thread about this issue). IMO uploading a sketch to clear GPNVM bit 0 via SAM BA should solve this issue if the security bit is set.

- Another one is the DUE won't restart after a power off. See this thread reply #61 and #79:
AFAIK this second issue seems resolved with the brand new version of the DUE you can see in the Product section of this web site:

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