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I recently received my Arduino Due and I was pleased to find it accompanied with a clear, open-top case for the Due to rest in.

I would like to use this case for my project, however, I cannot find any information on this case (dimensions, layout, etc.) Does someone have any information or resources, which could be helpful?

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How the heck do you expect us to know what case you have got!

ETA: I happened to notice from another thread the case I think you are talking about :

That must be a new thing, I've never seen it before. I didn't find any spec for it. I guess you could try contacting Arduino directly.
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Yep that's exactly the one! I will try contacting them then. Thank you


It looks like a laser cut case with slots for headers etc. in the correct positions.
So all you need to worry about is extrrnal dimensions.   A tape measure will be good enough.

Will it fit in your pocket,  briefcase,  bookcase, drawer ?
Will your cables, shields, ... fit through the holes ?


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