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I am trying to make a robot follower of line with 3 sensors, But I am having difficulty in programming, Hereunder the programming

//Standard PWM DC control
int E1 = 5;     //M1 Speed Control
int E2 = 6;     //M2 Speed Control
int M1 = 4;    //M1 Direction Control
int M2 = 7;    //M1 Direction Control

int sensorCantoDir = A1;
int sensorMeio = A3;
int sensorCantoEsq = A4;

int ValorCorte = 75;

int ValorLinhaM,ValorLinhaD,ValorLinhaE = 0;

void setup(void){
 int i;
   pinMode(i, OUTPUT);

void loop(){

 valorLinhaM = analogRead(sensorMeio);    
 valorCantoD = analogRead(sensorCantoDir);
 valorCantoE = analogRead(sensorCantoEsq);

 if(valorSensorM > ValorCorte){
   digitalWrite(M1, LOW); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 1
 digitalWrite(M2, LOW); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 2
 analogWrite(E1, 100); //informa a velocidade do canal 1 - 0 É A VELOCIDADE MINIMA
 analogWrite(E2, 100); //informa a velocidade do canal 2 - 255 É A VELOCIDADE MÁXIMA

 delay(1000); //espera 1 segundo
 analogWrite(E1, 0);
 analogWrite(E2, 0);

 if(valorSensorD > ValorCorte){
 digitalWrite(M1, LOW); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 1
 digitalWrite(M2, HIGH); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 2
 analogWrite(E1, 255);
 analogWrite(E2, 255);
 delay(500); //espera 0.5 segundo
 analogWrite(E1, 0);
 analogWrite(E2, 0);

 if(valorSensorE > ValorCorte){
 digitalWrite(M1, HIGH); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 1
 digitalWrite(M2, LOW); //rotacao no sentido horario do canal 2
 analogWrite(E1, 255);
 analogWrite(E2, 255);
 delay(500); //espera 1 segundo
 analogWrite(E1, 0);
 analogWrite(E2, 0);


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What does the program do ?
What should it do ?

I note that valorSensorE (and other variables) are not declared in the code you posted, but the program as posted is not complete.

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The program is clearly incomplete.

Please remember to use code tags when posting code.
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Your working program to follow a line will have NO delay() statements.

You do NOT drive both wheels at the same speed to follow a line. The difference between the left wheel speed and the right wheel speed will depend on how far the line is from the center sensor.
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