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Hello All,

i want to personalizate my pc and desk with addressable  LEDs. I don't want only use some libraries for moke some effect but i want to have the arduino and the pc alway sync (via serial port or somthing...). AIDA64 (ex Everest) can give me some information about pc specs (temp, clock, ram, speed fan, ...) so what i want is to make a programm that i cas choos some effect:
- change light in funcion of the pc parameters (temp, clock, ...)
- some light effect (rainbow,) like asus aura, corsair link, msi aurora...
- music light effect

With an arduino, is it possible to create the software for me all of this? Is it possible to make a programm that i can configurate some effect, choose them (via buttons or via an desktop application)?

I want to use Corsair DH120 RGB Fan, led strips and maybe a led matrix.



No, using the Arduino IDE, you only write the code that runs on the Arduino itself. But you can use other programming languages and environments to write programs for your computer.

Processing used to be pretty popular for creating GUIs that could communicate with an Arduino, because it's very similar to the Arduino IDE (both the interface and the syntax).
If you want to know system parameters, you might want to use a more flexible and powerful language, like python, for example. I think you could psutil to get CPU/RAM usage and clock speed etc.
Python is just an example, you could use pretty much any programming language that allows you to create a GUI with buttons and that can open a serial port for communication with the Arduino.

You'll have to write some kind of protocol that allows the software to communicate with the Arduino, to tell it what effect it has to display, and with what parameters.



Yes, but i can write a code (visual studio) and communicate with the arduino? Via serial port? In the past i have make a website with a raspberry and i was able to make some buttons (when i press a button the rasp give "1" on a port). Now i can't creat a web server so i need to communicate...

I need oly to give some serial data, like 3 state, and in the code on arduino i make a if for select one of the 3 effect.

Thanks for the answare, i have ordered 2 arduino nano for test all


Yes, but i can write a code (visual studio) and communicate with the arduino? Via serial port?
Yes very easily.

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