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Hello. I have just finished a fun project. It's a remote controlled lawnmower. I built the controller using pots and NRF24L01 transmitter. Everything works great. Just after finishing, I bought a FrSky Taranis Plus X9D from a friend. I really like this transmitter but I didn't get any manuals or documentation with it. I found a few manuals on Google but they don't explain what kind of receiver works with the Taranis or how to use it with custom built projects.

I would like to use the Taranis for all (or most) of my wireless projects. If anyone has any info on how to control arduino with this type of transmitter, or which receivers work with this type of transmitter, or if you could just point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


The manual lists what receivers are compatible. Just pick one with enough channels for your projects and either connect it directly to your servos? or an Arduino to decode the channels.
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