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Did you know you can record a sequence of pressed buttons with Arduino?

In order to do so, Arrays are needed in order to record the input LOW signals coming from the pushbuttons, along with the variable time.

The rutine can be done with PULLUP (it records high al the way until I lift the finger) or as SET/RESET (it records high until I press the stop button).

In this example, we are using four buttons and a motor. Two buttons set the direction of the motor. A 3rd button sets the stop of the motor (not needed if you are using the PULLUP configuration). The 4th button is used to stop recording and start replaying the whole sequence of pushes you've just created.

Once the Arduino is done replaying the whole sequence of Arrays, if record (4) button is pressed, it will repeat the entire sequence. else if stop button is pressed, it will restart to setup.

If you want to keep the project simple you can connect a couple of leds as output instead a motor,

Find attached the sketches for pullup and set/reset recording rutines.

I hope you like it. If it does, show me some love <3 !




Good morning
I made the circuit, of the Dimmer, and piloting the Attiny85 with a potentiometer, works great.
The problem is that I wanted to drive it with a PWM output of arduino ... but the thing is NOT very well ... (seems to have a strobe ... even on low pass filter ....)
I was thinking of commanding everything with a MCP4131, but I was looking first if someone had had any other solution ....

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