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Hi guys,

I recently discovered the ft8xx chip which looks perfect for interfacing any LCD panel with arduino.
They propose a tool for designing the user interface which looks good but I can't understand where its program goes.
Does it go to the ft8xx chip or in the arduino ?
The example in the screen editor guide explains how to get a stand alone user interface, how to increment variables by clicking a button linked in the editor but Nothing adapted to my use.
The purpose is to monitor on a screen the data processed in my arduino program. The question is how to send the data to the screen ? (through the SPI interface is not the answer, I expect something more concrete)
I checked the ftdi arduino library but it only allows to draw boxes, circles, etc. That's why that screen editor looks better in terms of customization.


That tool only work with the 90X MCU from FTDI.  Supports the FT81x series only.

But you can get the Riverdi break out 20 or the Riverdi arduino Shield, and TFT like FT813 or FT812 (5" or 7"); and then install on arduino due or teensy 3.5/3.6.

Code: [Select]
FT81X    Teensy 3.6
GND       GND
VCC       3V3
SCK       13
MISO      12
MOSI      11
CS-PIN    10
SD-PIN     5  (external microSD reader)

See this working in progress for the FT81X-arduino library (GD3 and GD3_SDIO).

Jpeg load on FT813 (7")+teensy 3.6


Fish tank: FT813 (5") + teensy 3.6 + encoder

Menu on FT80X (GD2): arduino Due + FT843 from 4DSystems



Thanks for the reply,
I wasn't suspecting so many possibilities.

I would like an answer. Let's suppose I'm using the FT90X, where the code from the tool should be uploaded ? Arduino or FT ?


The compiled binaries from the tool using the default configuration may be uploaded to the FT9XX hardware.

Alternatively, the EVE HAL library that is part of the tool does support Arduino as a target platform AFAIK, so you should be able to modify the sources as well as generated sources to build the project for Arduino build target.

Under Settings/Toolchain.config and Settings/Programmer.config you may also be able to adjust the compiler to the one used for Arduino target with appropriate options.


For the FT8XX, all the code goes on the Arduino. You can use the EVE software to write the code for the Arduino or you can write it by hand. For the FT80X (Ft800/801) you need version 1 or 2 of EVE. Version 3 only supports 810 and higher.



will the code generated by the EVE software works on the esp8266 (Wemos D1 mini) connected to Riverdi display (FT813 over SPI)?

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