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Hi guys,

Been struggling with getting a L3G4200D to work with an arduino due, but have it working on my uno (used this code http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=147351.0)

As I understand from this thread ->http://forums.parallax.com/discussion/157507/parallax-l3g4200d-gyroscope-with-arduino-due

Int in arduino uno is only 16bit where as in the Due its 32bit, which is why just plugging it into the due doesn't work as it doesn't drop the 16 least significant bits?

The correction posted on that thread (http://forums.parallax.com/discussion/157507/parallax-l3g4200d-gyroscope-with-arduino-due) doesn't work for me however....

The L3G library does seem to work, although it spits out raw data and the parallax datasheet doesn't say if the conversion rate to dps from raw data is 8.75 (as mentioned in the commented example).

As a novice, I was hoping someone could either

1) teach me how to go about altering the uno code (first provided link) to work on a due, as it already has headings


2) teach me how to take the raw data from the l3G4200D using the L3G library and converting it to heading. I know its effectively change in dps per change in time, but I wouldn't know how to write that concisely (if at all!) in arduino.

Kinda out of my depth here...

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