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I am using the Arduino WiFi shield for an IoT application. I make GET requests to the server and to read the response successfully and completely I need to wait for 2 seconds before I read it. If I do not, I will lose  the data that is being transmitted. For my application this delay is a lot. I need to bring it down to < 0.5 seconds at the least. I have read threads from close to 3 years ago that this issue is something many others face too. I am posting this here to check if there have been any improvements to the same or if there is a work around I have missed in my research.

Links of similar issues are:






Thank you in advance for any help possible.


If it takes 2 seconds to arrive, it takes 2 seconds to arrive; not much you can do about that.

You can however use an approach as described in the updated Serial Input Basics thread (do a search). The principles apply equally to serial ports or network stuff. At least the code will not block so you can do other stuff while 'waiting'.
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A lot of the network access methods available to microcontrollers (at least relatively primitive ones like the 8-bit AVRs - the simplicity of the AVRs is an asset w/regards to understanding and using them, but they're not the top of the line by any means) are just plain slow.

Why do you need to poll so frequently that 2 seconds is too slow? That seems like a really demanding requirement, something that would not be required for most applications.
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